Age: Old. (I dunno...around her 60's or 70's...)

Sex: Female

Species: Beaver.

Status: Landlady.

Little is known about Ms. Beezy at the time. She's evil. She's evil because she's a landlady and landlady are, by law, eeeeeeeeeeevil.


Age: Dead.

Sex: Female.

Species: Dog (Poodle)

Status: Friendly ghost girl...thing.

Nora died in the 1850's, during the gold rush in Colorado. Her lover and would-be husband went off into the mountain to find gold. He told Nora before leaving to wait for him until he returned. So Nora waited. Even after she died when the house she lived in burned down. Even after a new, bigger house was built over where her house had burned down many years later. Even after all those 'other' people moved in and then promptly left after learning a ghost 'haunted' the place. After a very long time of this, five strange people moved in and Nora was once again able to touch solid objects and venture outside the house. And one of those five people looks a lot like her old lover that died so long ago....

Nora means well. She's kind, sweet, caring and cute....for a dead girl. But, after all...she IS a dead girl. She's rather timid and shy. And thanks to Nora, Max, Liza and the others get the house for a discount! Ghosts are neat, aren't they?


Age: 15

Species: mouse

Status: Princess type person

Over-dramatic young girl who rules over Perimecia once she rids it of her evil uncle. I dunno if we'll ever see her again.


Age: Somewhere in his 40's...

Species: Mouse

Status: Evil king type person

Killed his brother to gain the crown. He bad. Now he dead. Yay!


Age: 70-ish

Species: Mouse

Status: Granfather type person.

Jade's mother's father. Took care of Jade when her parents died. Not much else to say.

(No Picture yet) ENOUJI TOMOKAZU

Age: 25

Species: Skunk

Status: Haslen's Friend, Hard working bussiness man-person.

Enouji is a wealthy bussiness man whom crawled his way to the top. Although it is unknown what exactly it is that he does, he do know that he was born in Yokohama, Japan, his blood type is A and he's single. Isn't that all that you really need to know?

Enouji worked hard for his money, and he hates seeing people waste their lives away doing nothing. He hates it even more when he sees people who waste their lives away doing nothing make more money than he does. Maybe we'll see more of him. Who knows?