Age: 22

Sex: Male

Species*: Wolf

Status: Element Warrior of Soul.

Max is often misunderstood. Loud and brash, he's not afraid to say whatevers on his mind, not thinking of the other persons feelings. He's a bit hot-headed and tends to jump into things without thinking. Over confident and totally sure of himself, Max's actions often get him labeled by others as a jerk. This doesn't seem to bother him, however. He dislikes Ryner to the depths of his soul, but seems to have a bit of a crush on Liza.

As the Element Warrior of Soul, Max possess lightning like powers. Since soul reflects on the Warrior's soul, this makes perfect sense for Max. Despite his hot-temper, the others listen to Max and look to him for leadership. This is causing Max to become more responsible for not only his actions, but the actions of others. He's very strong offensively.

Soul Armor lvl. 1, Lightning Spirit.

Weapon: Thunder Axe.

Attacks; Thunder Web, Lightning Sphere, Lightning Bind, Energy Charge.


Age: 21

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Status: Element Warrior of Fire

Quiet and somewhat mysterious, little is known about Ryner. He's from 'somewhere' in South America and his 'best friend' is Ronnie. Well, before het met the others, his only 'friend' was Ronnie. He rarely talks about himself. Come to that, he rarely talks period. Ryner tends to stay away from the others and keeps to himself. He's rather confident, but also modest. He's not vain, but he does care about his looks. His good looks along with his over all 'mysteriousness' tend to attract a lot of admirers. He's also rather stubborn, and in some ways, a lot like Max. He and Max tend to argue a lot, which might be good for Ryner, seeing as he keeps a lot of things bottled up inside.

Even Ryner and Max's power rivals one another. Ryner is very powerful offensivly, and it is unknown which of the two are the powerfulest. Ryner has very powerful attacks that aid in the offence, but he is pretty much useless when it comes to defence. He's still working on this 'teamwork' thing.

Fire Armor lvl. 1, Dark Pheonix.

Weapon: Pheonix sword.

Attacks; Fire Wall, Fire Ball, Fire Blade, Pheonix Blast


Age: 21

Sex: Female

Species: Cat.

Status:Element Warrior of Wind

Strong willed and brave, Liza tries to be the cool head in tight situations. Her self-confidence covers up her own niaveness. Although she's not what one would call 'femimine', Liza is still very much a girl. She's very capable of taking care of herself, but she was trouble with that 'alone' thing. Being a social butterfly, Liza would probably die without friends around her all the time. She's pretty oblivious to Max's attraction to her, however.

Liza's pretty well balanced offensively and defensively. She likes to be in the front line, however, and do whatever she can to help the others. When others are hurt, however, she is right there by their side. She tries to keep a cool head and would make a decent leader, but sometimes Liza lacks the bravery that Max seemly always has.

Wind Armor, lvl. 1, Silient Wing.

Weapon: Wind Fans.

Attacks; Wind Explosion, Power Gust, Wind Protection, Tornado Blast


Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Status: Element Warrior of Water

The important things to know about Ronnie is that he's not has young as he looks, nor is he as stupid as he acts. In truth, Ronnie is prolly what one would call a genius. He skipped ahead several grades and decided to go to high school in South America for a 'challange'. Although he dislikes being made fu of for his short height, he doesn't let that mess with his self-esteem. He's a very brave individual, and not to be taken lately. Although he sometimes gets on the others nerves with his sunny-happy-joy-ness. He's the perfect foil to Ryner.

Like Liza, Ronnie is pretty balanced offensively and defensively. Unlike Liza, however, Ronnie tends to stay back and assess the situation. He's usually the one that comes up with the plans when they are needed, and often points out the holes in Max's. Dispite his almost child-like cuteness, Ronnie is pretty damn tough and not to be taken lightly.

Water Armor, lvl. 1, Water Dragon

Weapon: Water Staff.

Atacks; Wave Serpent, Water Spears, Ripple Blast, Blue Water Serpent Strike.


Age: 22

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Status: Element Warrior of Earth

Like Ryner, Jance does not talk much about himself. Mostly because he's rather shy. Unlike the other Warriors, Jance lacks the bravery and the strong will to do what they do. If a problem comes along that he can't handle, rather than stay and try to figure it out, Jance will turn tail and run. Both metaphorically and literatilly. Jance doesn't like being the center of attention, but, thanks to Nora, he does. What ensues is a rather akward and unhappy Jance. Jance doesn't talk much about himself. The others don't even know his last name. Jance would like nothing better than to cast away this 'Element Warrior' thing and live a happy, normal life. Even when he's not an Element Warrior, the others make this almost impossible for him. Thus, he tends to nag the others and be the first to point out when they doing something wrong or just plain....weird. Jance thinks the others need to grow up. The others think Jance needs to loosen up.

Jance is the weakest of the Warriors offensively. When it comes to defence, however, nobody is better than Jance. Which is probably best for Jance, seeing as he doesn't like the idea of fighting...whatever... head on. Although Jance doens't like using his powers, if one of his friends are in trouble, he wont hesitate to protect them.

Earth Armor, lvl. 1, Rock Beast.

Weapon: Rock Scyth.

Atacks; Rock Serpent, Rock Shield, Bolder Explosion.

*The species thing is never supposed to be relevent in the world of Element's Song. In other words, the only physical differences Liza notices between her and Max is that Max is a boy, and she's a girl. She doesn't recognize that she's a cat and he's a wolf. No one does. I don't know why, it's just the way things are. The only reason I added in the species part in the bio's is because people would often get confused on what each character is supposed to be(many people often mistake Ryner for a fox or Ronnie for another cat), so this clears a few things up.