(no picture yet) HASLEN


Sex- Male


Haslen has the energy of a five year old and the attention span of a gnat. He's implusive and does everything at the spur of the moment. That's how he comes up with most of his plans. Funny thing is, they work best like that. Haslen is very mysterious to everyone, but mainly to himself. Not even he knows what his age is or who his parents were. He doesn't remember much from seven years ago and his earliest was when he was studying under his master. Because he has such a short attention span, he tends to get bored easily. His excuse for doing ANYTHING is 'I had nothing better to do'. Haslen likes bugging the Element Warriors, and its become quite hobby of his,

Attacks; Blue Fire Bean, Blue Fire Blast, Spiral Death(unperfected), Skill of Probability, That 'Zrrting' Thing He Does.